Don’t start a business if you don’t want to sell

This is a short but succinct post for people who have either just started up or are looking to start a new business. With a sales pitch at the end.

Having worked for a number of years in the startup space as mentor, advisor and coach, I come across a number of people who are caught up more in the hype of running a business than they are in actually running it.

In addition, it has never become easier (especially here in the UK) to have access to startup loans to get your business up and running and cash flow positive.

Here’s the rub. Whether you borrow money (which eventually you have to pay back) or are posting on various platforms that the business is better than it is, the numbers never lie, even if we do. The numbers are driven by sales. YOU HAVE TO SELL.

Too often people think of sales as a means of sticking your foot in a door to flog a product or over-eager promotion of your brand or products at a networking event. The truth is much more nuanced than that.

  • You can sell directly over the phone, through warm leads or cold calls
  • You can sell at events you host or others host
  • You can sell through referral or affiliate programmes
  • You can sell through joint venture partners
  • You can sell through online ads
  • You can sell through blogging and social media

If you are respectful and honest and truly believe in your product or service there should be no problem selling.

  • So stop arranging those useless coffees and meetings that don’t go anywhere.
  • Stop avoiding conversations because you are afraid of someone telling you no.
  • Stop pretending to run a business when you are really running on hype
  • And heck if you don’t feel comfortable selling your own product how the heck is anyone gonna feel comfortable actually wanting to buy from you.

Learn to sell and even if it is not in your comfort zone then at least hire someone who can take your passion and sell that product for you. Pay them well and reap the rewards.

Remember at the heart of your business is a product or service that you are excited about. Learn to sell or go get a job.

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