How to Conquer Imposter Syndrome

What is imposter syndrome and how can you recognise whether or not you have it?

One of the reasons I am concerned about it is because of the negative impact on the wellbeing of those who are affected by it. Is this you?

  • You work silly hours because you want to make sure you get everything right
  • You keep it all in because you think others wont understand
  • You don’t say anything because you feel your vulnerability will make you seem weak
  • Feedback is not your friend, in fact you only focus on the negative rather than the
  • You feel that your identity is so tied up in your work that any
  • You have problems accept praise from others and play it down
  • You play down your own achievements
  • Comparing yourself to others

You know what, I think it’s time we left Imposter Syndrome in the past and moved on to live our best lives. I’m not saying it’s straight forward, neither am I saying it’s an easy task. But, I think we really need to park this feeling of inadequacy based on some negative messaging we keep in our heads which shape this behaviour.

Go forward in 2022 and beyond and stop second guessing your brilliance. Surround yourself with honest people, who have no problem reminding you of the value you bring with your work, but also have no problem challenging you on being better and maximising your talent.

Here is an episode on imposter syndrome, have a listen not just to the symptoms but how you can manage and hopefully conquer impostor syndrome.

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