Welcome to Black Founders Hub


Welcome to Black Founders Hub!

We are proud and excited to launch our peer network for high growth Black-owned service businesses based here in the UK. Our purpose is to place the pen in the hands of Black founders so they can write their own stories and be the author of their future and the generation to come. ⠀

We have built a network focused on providing mastermind sessions that offer financial, emotional, intellectual and leadership support for Black entrepreneurs of service-based businesses, currently making or intending to turnover £100,000+ in annual revenues, who want to grow and scale. ⠀

We have learned how powerful we can be when we work together as a collective, and now is the time to take that to another level with the legacies we are building. ⠀

We want to witness and support more black businesses surpass their potential and build something that has longevity.⠀

If you are interested in legacy building and being part of this journey, hop over and click apply to register your interest.⠀

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