Applications for cohort 4 of the Black Business Network are now open!
This transformative peer networking group is specifically designed to help black-owned professional service businesses grow and thrive by providing access to all the resources, knowledge, and support they need.

The deadline to apply is Friday 4th November 2022, so now is the perfect time to start your application and join this dynamic group of forward-thinking entrepreneurs. Join Black Founders Hub and create a legacy.

We are all passionate about creating legacies and generational wealth.  This peer networking group inspires, motivates and supports growth and profitability.  We are creating a sustainable platform for black entrepreneurship in business services.

Black Founders are excellent at what we do.  We want to ensure our Founders recognise their greatness so that more people benefit from our services, our expertise and our vision.

Denise Nurse.
Founder, Trustee, Presenter, Coach

Rashida Abdulai.
Solicitor, Founder, Trustee, Mentor

David McQueen.
Speaker, Founder, Mentor

What we do

Every month, groups of up to 6 focused Black Founders from non-competing service based businesses invest time and energy to drive their businesses to the next level.

Peer support differs from networking: it is a forum to discuss your business issues with peers who also understand your situation because they are at a similar stage of growth.

As Black Founders you may also experience similar challenges in business.

What you get

Our monthly Masterminds are an exclusive, private and confidential space, to share, learn and grow.  Each meeting comprises of an element where we share our journeys, successes and challenges and coach and support each other to clarity and decision making.

Fellows and subject matter experts speak on relevant subjects and are available for Q&A sessions in this intimate setting.

Each Cohort is chaired by a professional facilitator who ensures the group focus on the priority issues, get value from each meeting and are all heard.

There is a theme for each meeting ensuring that you get fresh insights, perspectives and tools to grow your business each month.


The monthly coaching, mentoring and teaching, helps you to take bigger, bolder  and braver steps, to create a greater impact on your business success.

Our inaugural cohorts have seen members 5xing their turnover and expanding their services.

Game changing relationships and partnerships are created amongst groups and perspectives that you have never considered before are share.

The opportunity to get close-up insights into the journey of Fellows who have walked the walk and who generously share their time is invaluable.

This is your monthly time to work on your business not in it.  Learning how to handle your finances, grow and manage a team and scale to success.

Our values

We live boldly, unapologetically and to our full potential.

Clarity, transparency, accountability, integrity, trust and vulnerability.

We are playing the long game to create sustainability, legacy, and true wealth.

Our vision

A peer networking group for black-owned professional services businesses that inspires, motivates and supports multi-million pound business growth and profitability.

We are creating a sustainable platform for black entrepreneurship in business services. To showcase a culture of excellence, inclusion and success, adding value and diversity to the professional services landscape.

We don’t need a seat at the table, we are building our own tables, banqueting halls and boardrooms where we will do the inviting.