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Freccia Benn, Co-Founder and Head of Strategy and Innovation, Lumify Energy

Freccia Benn is a leading innovator in renewable energy, having created an award-winning renewable energy accounting and consultancy company and digital platform that is relied upon by renewable energy site operators and landowners across the UK. Freccia led her team at Lumify Energy to create its own proprietary project management platform known as ‘Lumigraph™’ based on a decade of frontline experience and problem solving for clients. The unique, industry-first platform enables renewable energy stakeholders to simplify their operations, improve transparency, and maximise income, as well as report on the environmental impact of their projects.

About Freccia’s innovation

Lumify Energy’s Lumigraph™ enables individuals, privately-owned corporations, public sector landowners and site operators to simplify the management of their renewable energy projects, and maximise each project’s value and energy output. As Co-Founder and Head of Strategy and Innovation at Lumify Energy, Freccia and her team have helped landowners and site operators throughout the UK to identify and reduce errors and maximise the value of their renewable energy projects by condensing their expert knowledge and learnings from across the industry into an easy-to use digital platform.

Before Lumify Energy

Before Lumify Energy (formerly Accounting for Energy), Freccia was impacting the dentistry and healthcare space by constantly identifying innovations and solutions to overcome business barriers. Upon learning about the challenges in the renewables sector, Freccia made it her mission to simplify and streamline the management of renewable projects for stakeholders, improving the way renewable energy is accounted for, which has a positive impact on the environment.

About Lumify Energy

Since launching in 2014, Lumify Energy’s team of renewable energy experts have supported industry stakeholders throughout the UK to maximise the value of their renewable energy projects, enhance relationships, and simplify the payment and management process.

By increasing transparency and levelling the playing field in the renewable energy sector, Lumify Energy empowers all landowners, including farmers, private corporations, local authorities and waste companies to sustain and develop their projects, whilst helping the site operators to simplify their payment operations, improve transparency, maximise income and report on the environmental impact the project.

Based on more than a decade of industry knowledge and experience, Lumify Energy has created a digital management platform – ‘Lumigraph™’ to simplify, automate and fast-track the renewable energy project management process, giving the landowner newfound confidence in the project on their land whilst enabling site operators to report easily and effectively.

founders words

“Having created an award-winning platform and consultancy that has revolutionised the way renewable energy projects are managed, enhancing their output for all stakeholders. Our solutions have been built over a decade of front line experience and problem solving, enabling renewable energy site operators and landowners to simplify the management and maximise the value of their project, whilst having a positive impact on the environment.”

Freccia Benn
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