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Aggie Mutuma

About Us

Aggie is the CEO and lead consulting director of Mahogany Inclusion Partners.

Aggie is an experienced and passionate Inclusion Specialist, HR Leader and Executive Coach with a keen passion for supporting organisations as they build cultures where everyone can thrive. She works with C-Suite leaders, HR directors, Inclusion leaders and their teams to explore mindsets, compassionately challenge beliefs and create psychologically safe spaces for reflection, behaviour change and inclusive cultures.

Aggie’s recent focus areas include:

  • Facilitating c-suite inclusion strategy and engagement workshops
  • Progressing diversity and inclusion maturity and strategy
  • Managing race in the workplace
  • Developing organisational race fluency
  • Developing organisational allyship
  • Building HR team inclusion and race fluency capability

Aggie is a sought-after inclusion specialist who has been engaged by the CIPD and other organisations to write, advise and speak on inclusion matters. In addition, Aggie is an inclusion and people awards judge, supporting the ‘Business Culture Awards’ and the CIPD People Management awards. She is a trusted panellist and speaker most recently for the CBI and the CIPD Annual Conference 2020 to address issues of inclusion in the workplace.

As an individual, Aggie is known for her disarming, authentic and candid approach which creates a psychologically safe environment for open sharing and growth. She is described as engaging, commercially astute, an effective confidante and as an inspirational coach and mentor. She is passionate, inquisitive and has a naturally coaching style which makes her an effective safe space facilitator and instigator of mindset and behaviour change.

founders words

I believe that when you have inclusive cultures where everyone can be who they are, be their best, have their best ideas and feel like they are heard and they belong, this is where the magic happens. This is where organisations outstrip their competitors, where functions, teams and individuals are galvanised towards one mission, one purpose – this is where we all win. As beautiful and altruistic as this sounds, this view is also cemented by rigorous and credible reviews, reports and data which tells us that inclusion is not only good for society, but it is also good for business. I am thrilled and feel very blessed to be in a place where I can take my decades of HR, talent development, business, coaching and life experience and use it to support, gently challenge and nudge leadership and HR teams as they move towards being inclusive and winning organisations.

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