We are building a community of like minded professionals who are passionate collaborators for success. Could this be a good fit for you?



Members get access to a curated group of leading edge Black Founders to work with on a monthly basis, Fellows on an intimate and focussed setting and resources that can help to develop their business. Access to a community of peers sharing information, issues, knowledge for business and personal support whilst growing 7 figure, profitable professional services businesses.


Talk about the purpose and centrality of the membership for not just the business owners but the fellows and possible founders who will also work with us. Access to your own unofficial non-exec board to hold you accountable. Dedicating time each month to work on and not in your business is a proven facet of business success. That alone works magic. Couple that with sharing your plans and intentions with your cohort and providing updates on your experience and you have accountability. Being in a team of game changers who are all looking to raise their game helps you to raise yours. We measure success by taking stock of your progress against your own targets every 6 months.


A monthly mastermind session on leadership, mindset, investment, management accounts, recruitment, exit and the other pressing issues you want to up skill on.

Events & Retreats

Annual cohort retreat and annual Event for all Founders, Fellows and Funders.  Conferences and access to relevant industry events and awards. In addition to the monthly meetings with your own Cohort there will be opportunities to dive deeper into issues at an annual retreat for your group and to meet with the wider BFH family at our annual event.


Each group will be facilitated by and have access to professional business coach and mentor. Same as meetings, we could write about this in the masterminds piece.